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Tips and Tricks

On this page, I'll share info that I have gathered over the years to make cake decorating easier.  You may be directed to other websites for info, videos, etc., but be sure to also check out the Cake Decorating Links page; a lot of the websites listed there have a lot of valuable information!

Save Time and Money With Icing Bag Pouches/Reuse Your Disposable Decorating Bags!

Do you hate cleaning your dirty featherweight bags?  Do you wish there was a way to save disposable bags so they could be used again?

You can wrap your frosting in plastic wrap to create little frosting pouches or "bullets" that allow for fast and easy cleanup.  The frosting doesn't touch the bag, so you won't have to wash or throw away your bags, just wipe them down a little.

Check out the how-to video: Icing Pouches